Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One More Year

Can you recall what you were doing one year ago? Sam old, same old? It's been a long time since I put up a post and that is in part because I have been so busy. Since early 2006 I have moved five times, but owned only two houses. Finally settling into a home that I considered a turn key, yet I have been working on it since April 1st. It's time to get that painting done and take a well deserved break. I have thought of little else but to finish this project. The Momonnator got me thinking.........

Q: What would you do with the remainder of the year if this was all the time you had?
A: Travel to Italy, Spain, Provence, Hawaii and San Francisco.

Q: What would you do differently?
A:Invested better. Spent more time with my sister.

Q: Would you give up bad habits, eating junk food, complaining, nagging, gossiping?
A: No honestly not.

Q: What do you want you legacy to be?
A: Contribution to a greener planet by planting more trees. Improve my relationships, new and old ones.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Only Constant

Who is to be credited for the quote that the only constant is change? What a terror in Haiti? What can we all do to help someone less fortunate? How brave are those doctors and other who bravely go into the country that is on the brink. I would be too afraid, honestly.

Reading other blogs I was reminded that this day would have been my dear old
Dad's birthday. Guess he'd be 75 if he were alive. Sometimes I think he is, and I finally learned the lessons. I think he looked like Clark Gable and acted like John Wayne or Gary Cooper. Always quiet always listening, steady as a rock.

Been looking at other homes, closer to work, if only fifteen minutes would be better. How many folks drive more that an hour to get to work each day? Reality is the great equalizer, though this was stressful, world events put it all in perscpective. I have not been this moved by a natural disaster in some time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall for Trees

Many of you know that I am a nature lover and would not be incline to cut down a perfectly healthy tree. Right? Well, a few weeks ago I remember saying to my partner that soemone is going to get hurt from the hundreds of acorns falling into the driveway. Not to mention the dents that have found the new car's roof.

Last Thursday I came home and while walking to the mailbox I slipped and fell. I hardly remember what hppened except that I stepped on the dreaded acorns and it amy have looked like Elaine Bennis (of Seinfeld) as I tried to right myself. No luck. I fell head and shoulders first, no hands to block my fall. This is not the way to meet your neighbors, nor do I like all that drama and attention focused on me. The police and ambulance responded to the 911 call and after hitting my head I decided it best to go to the ER. As the EMT's took care of me I felt the pain in the shoulder and after several hours in the ER it became more intense. There was a minor scrape on my face and a large one on my shoulder. Glad it was not the other way around. I inisisted on a CT, just to be safe. Then it turned out that there is a fracture in my right clavicle. I thought it was going to be bruised..... Too much drama. Oh, I had barely started taking the meds when the bill arrive, I kid you not.

I am typing this in part to see if I can. Trying to see if I can drive or work. We'll see what the doctor say's later. It's always something....So do we cut down the tree? I cannot be objective. Lots of kids wait for their bus in my drive way every morning, does that change your mind?